Barista Training

"Coffee is a predictable product; if you do the same things to it you get the same result."

At Caffe Vinci, we firmly believe in giving you and your staff the tools needed to consistently make the best possible cup of coffee, and in turn, help you to sell more coffee. Training is at the core of this. We understand that the fundamentals of making coffee do not change; we also understand that not every business is the same. Caffe Vinci is dedicated to tailoring your training to your specific business so that we can succeed together. 

Basic Barista Skills

The participant will learn the 5 Fundamentals of Traditional Espresso Coffee Service., understand how to correctly use and maintain your coffee equipment as well as hands on practice how to consistently produce the different drink recipes.

PRICE: Free to Caffe Vinci Clients

Latte Art Courses

In this training, we will teach the  “science” of milk, understanding foaming and texturing techniques, and teach the participant the art of pouring to create Hearts, Rosetta’s and Tulips.

PRICE: £45.00 per person
for Caffe Vinci Coffee Customers

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